Memphis, TN September 2011

I really want to blog about our trip to Memphis Tennessee back in September 2011. Its going to require some digging though to find the photos! I also put together a cute scrapbook from the trip. I'll blog about that too. So stay tuned!
Memphis sky

cat dog dog

From left to right...
Sammy, Lulu, and Piper

They are adorable and bark.
Dog cat dog

Doner Yum

I did mention I was on a diet, right? I sure am posting a lot about food! Anyway, Clarke and I went to this German beer garden in Leesburg, VA the other day. We went there a few weeks back for his brother in laws birthday party and we were excited to go back again. The place is called Done Bistro.

What we got is called a Doner Box. Here is a little blurb from their site: "Döner meat and Pommes - our hand cut signature fries- topped with our garlic-yoghurt sauce with fresh cucumbers (Tzatziki)."
Look at these cool walls!

Welcome back old friends

A long time ago I used to work on my craft shop "The Cupcake Girls" religiously. It was so much fun for me to do with my great pals Lillian and Ann. It kinda lost its fun for me. I guess because I set certain goals for myself with it and I was lucky enough to reach the goals. So then my mind wandered and I was just doing other things and watching reality tv. haha

Since I have been working on this yocourtkneeyo blog it has kind of inspired me to start selling some of my old "the cupcake girls" products. I still have a good stash of items and I might as well just throw some stuff up on etsy. 

Lillian and I both agreed it made more sense if I sold on my shop because I have been away from the cupcake girls for so long now it just didn't make sense to throw my stuff back in there when my "style" is so different from Lillian's and would confuse the heck out of her new customers. You know?

So without any further ado. Here is the first of the old products I have decided to list!

The Donna and Lorraine sticker set! These ladies heads could be yours! One of each for 2.50. 
Donna sticker

Lorraine sticker

The link to the shop is on the top of the blog but you can also click this!

New Drink

Check this drink out? It had all these seeds floating around and we had to try it out! Gosh I think it was 4 dollars. 
I don't know
I hated it! Yuck! I have never liked pulp in my orange juice, why did I think I would like seeds floating around and shooting down your throat!?

Family Vacation

I am beyond thrilled to go on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a break from work work work work... We will be going to our favorite family location, Bald Head Island, North Carolina. We used to have a time share down there and we would go four times a year if we weren't busy. So, next week I hope to have some photos for you!

On the island cars are not allowed and your only mode of transportation is the golf cart. And your feet. Actually back in the 80's the movie Weekend At Bernie's was filmed there. OK, not the entire thing but some of it was. Did Bernie die in real life at this point? Hummmm

I will be making the long long drive down to Wilmington, NC and catch the ferry in Southport, NC on Wednesday, August 8th. I haven't driven that far in a longtime! Fingers crossed.

Kayak ak ak ak ing

My parents would not stop talking about how cool kayaking was...And I had an awful additude about it.. There was no way I would enjoy being in a tiny boat all by myself. Last fathers day (2011) my dad's fathers day demand was that I give kayaking a shot. So I obliged.

And then I kind of got hooked. Now, I wouldn't say I am like a pro by any means... but I find it very relaxing.

Here are some photos of my adventures.




Drink boat

New York June 2011 Part Four

Obivously much more happened during the AIU London Reunion 2011 trip but... I can't remember it all and I'm not organized enough to find all the photos from a year ago.

Here are some of my artsy shots I took around town.





And a good time was had by all! I can't wait till we can all get together again.

New York June 2011 Part Three

One fun little side trip I took was with Robyn over to her friend, Tara Mcpherson, shop.The shop was super cool tons of her own work and she exhibits other artists there. It is called The Cotton Candy Machine.

UntitledRobyn by some of the posters.

The main plan for going to Brooklyn that weekend was because of Brooklyn Renegade. I have been TRYING to go every year. Doesn't always turn out that way. I was suppose to hang out with my besties, Lillian and Mare, the entire weekend but I had to move some things around for the London reunion. But I was able to meet up with them for a few hours at the craft show though. 

UntitledHere they are...looking cute.