June 7, 2010 Quilt and Hershey Bears

So my mom and I have been working on a quilt for a while now. I have been collecting all the fabrics I wanted. I have ordered some off of etsy and even had some sent over from Japan. Anyway, Its coming along now! I can't wait for it to be finished! It is a queen size. Here is a peak!
quilt in progress

So Hershey Bears... They lost the first two games of the Calder Cup at home! ahhhh! How depressing! But on Monday night!!!! They kinda had a comeback of sorts! They were doing real bad in the first period. Loosing 1-3. Something like that. But in the third period they came back to win! 6-3! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great. Clarke, Dad, and I went to the Bears Den (in Hershey) to watch the game!
bears game 6-3!  june 7, 2010

June 6, 2010 Sunday New Jersey

Soooooo! On Sunday we all slept in a little bit. Clarke had to leave for the next day of skateboarding around 12:30. Lillian and I sat around for a long time and talked. At some point we decided to go eat and go to Mitsuwa. Mitsuwa is an awesome Japanese grocery store I love to go to when I visit Lillian. Every time I go I get so freaking excited.

That day at Mitsuwa they were having Octopus Dough Balls. We didn't get any though.

some of my loot

i want this toaster

i also had some korean bbq for the first time. so yum! ahhhhh! they cook it in front of you and there are all of these fun side things to eat. love it!!!!!!

June 5, 2010 Saturday Brooklyn Renegade Part TWO

Its going to be hard to remember who i got all of my things by. I'll have to update that later as I look it up.

Here is the stuff I got!
my loot
Brooklyn Tshirt
brooklyn tshirt
Baby Onsie with silkscreened print
2 chapsticks from etsy and 3 pins
etsy freebies
cassette tape and outlet and diamond stickers
2 lotions from bunny butt
creams from bunny butt
2 soaps from metropolis soaps of brooklyn
metropolis soap
2 floral fabric pocket mirrors
fabric mirror
orange notecard
etsy letterpress card
free etsy card

so yes after we got home. i took those photos! and then showered. and then we ordered some food. AND we relaxed by painting by number! my new hobby!
in progress
paint by number in progress
all done!
paint by number fun!

so we just relaxed and waited for clarke to come home. clarke got home from his skateboarding stuff and we listened to his adventures. then we went to bed!

June 5, 2010 Saturday Brooklyn Renegade! Part ONE

So we left Lillians condo around 10:00AM. Lillian drove down to Brooklyn!

On a bridge!

She had a pretty easy time finding parking since we got there right when the craft show was starting!

We parked by this cool street art!
brooklyn wall art 1
brooklyn wall art 4
brooklyn wall art 5
brooklyn wall art 3
and some trash floatin in the wind
trash art

For those of you who don't know. Lillian, Ann, and I participated in the Brooklyn Renegade two years ago. We had a good time. It was alot of work. And super super hot. One day we will apply again...

So here is me by the Renegade table!
me at renegade!

lookin is fun ya'll
lookin is fun

some musica

oh and there was this really cool punk like marching band. They are called the What Cheer? Brigade
(sorry this video isn't that great. I'm not perfect)

We stopped and had pizza at a place right across from the Mclaren Park. Twas so good. Too bad I didn't take a photo.
We had a great time. But we are so ready to go home after. It was so hot! It was hard for me to concentrate on looking at things towards the end! Next post. Photos of all the stuff I bought!

June 3, 2010 Thursday and June 4, 2010 Friday


June 3rd was the first game of the Calder Cup at Hershey! We lost! haha! It wasn't fun to loose but we can't complain since we don't normally see them loose.

Before the game we went to the Hershey Lodge and went to the "Bears Den" which is a Hershey Bears themed bar. We just wanted to see what it was like. It was cute but pretty slow.

This was a poster we saw that. Baltimore Orioles Hockey team??? Woah!
baltimore orioles hockey???

So my latest trip!
Clarke and I went up to New Jersey/NYC for the weekend.

Friday the 4th we stopped in some town in Jersey to hang out with his friend Scott. First we went to Newark to go to a bar called Hell's Kitchen. It was pretty lame in there so we left and went to a VFW. (For those of you who don't know a VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign War) Basically its a bar hangout place for Veterans. Now that was alot of fun! I got a rum and coke and 3 glasses of wine and i was pretty drunk. It was great! At the VFW they also have these like lottery cards kinda. So i bought 20 dollars worth and won 2 dollars. haha. The regulars were making 300, 200 bucks though. When they would win big they would buy everyone a round of drinks! So Scott, Clarke, and I all got about 2 free drinks a piece. Anyway it was fun.

After that we went to White Castle! Then we went to Lillians! We just stayed up late chit chatting! Twas fun. We had to get up somewhat early for the next days events! Clarke was going to a skateboarding competition with Scott and I was going to Brooklyn Renegade with Lillian!