May 4, 2010, Tuesday, Day Fourteen Part Two

so so so. sorry the last 2 blogs were pretty quick and not interesting. maybe i'll fill in the gaps better later.

so tonight is my last night at jamies. i had a great time. i'm exhausted! never really switched over to the time here. it was bad!

here is me at jamies door step one last time. great pic! love it


after those photos jamie and i had one last dinner together at her local pub

and then we went home and packed. jamie had to help me. i'm so bad at packing. ann always helps me packing after ibought too much stuff. haha

then saree came over again to hangout. and we all ate a snickers ice cream bar haha

ok back to the packing!

excited to get home. i see clarke tomorrow! yea!!!!

May 4, 2010, Tuesday, Day Fourteen Part One

first things first. did some laundry! and had lunch with miriam, rabs, and their little sister norrie. i'm not sure on the spelling. it was a great lunch. for some reason i can joke around with them so easily.

so today. i had to rush rush rush and finish up all the thing that i wanted to do but didn't get a chance to do. so here is my whirlwind tourist adventure.

me by picadilly circus


me with the yo sushi sign!

look a cop!

so yea while i was over in this touristy area. i picked up 2 shirts for my dad

i really wanted to see iron man 2 at the big odeon. but i didn't have time. but i took a pic of this to show clarke! this is where the premier was.

me by the national gallery

i know i look dumb. enjoy!

me by that damn lion thing

trafalguar square

a bunch of cute elephants were in front of the national gallery. dont know why



oh so as i walked past the national portrait gallery i saw they had a small show on glastonbury (big music festival in england that i went to) so they had a few pics. so i checked that out real quick

lilly allen, naked people, and amy winehouse

look clarke, martha wainwright

oh so then i did some quick shopping. i went to the dover book store. dover sells copyright free images. yes geeky. but exciting...

kidrobot shop.. lillian..

also took a quick swing by covent garden

oh i didn't mention i had to book it across town to go get ann her £6 bag. omg. haha. you owe me

May 3, 2010, Monday, Day Thirteen

so jamie had monday off cause it was a bank holiday as they call it.
and she made me crepes in the morning. yum!

and then we were off to the east end of london. tried to go to the whitechapel art gallery. BUT it was closed on Mondays. Duhhh! so then we were walking around trying to find a bus to take.

and i saw this cute little drawling
street painting

so this is the bracelet i got the other day at camden. i love ittttt

so we took a bus over tate modern. but i saw the london bridge so i made jamie take a picture of me. its kinda funny cause i kept taking bad pics...



me outside of Shakespeare globe theatre

walking over to the tate

that damn walking bridge

me outside of the tate modern. i love the tate modern

i went and saw the van dusburgh exhibit. however you spell that. he is of the de stijl movement. lalala

here is some inside of the tate

this is my yummy egg salad sandwich and fries with brown sauce i got at the tate cafe

so later that evening. jamie put on a little dinner party. she made some yummy food. and bought lots of nice cheeses. this is the tart she made. it had spinach and feta in it. i think

and look who stopped by! saree! how nice! i hadn't seen her in 4 years it was really fun. she is a funny girl and she likes to talk about gross stuff like me.

and look.. how cute. she still has my pin i have her 4 years ago on her bag! she told me to draw an elephant and i did. for my one project. and then i made her a pin.

here is jamie. and her friends christine and jaou. i know i'm spelling that wrong. that was fun because when they meet you they give you kisses on both cheeks. he is from portugal and i can't recall where she is from

May 2, 2010, Sunday, Day Twelve

well well well

Today it rained ALOT. it was pouring in the morning. yuk. and its freezing. like 50 degrees or something.

here is me in my rain coat of sorts and my new bag!
me with my new bag!

jamie and i decided to go back to camden to get something to eat and look at the markets a little bit more.

but before we left! we had a little chat with cyber mahala!

here is cyber mahala!
cyber mahala

here is cyber mahala talking! oh did i mention she is in the Philippines!

ok so jamie and i stopped at this great organic restaurant in camden. look at my yummy food
my yum food in camden

here are some donuts i got. yum

here is me with the donuts. some stupid boy that was passing by tried to get in my photo
dream donuts

i got a really cool bracelet. i'm so excited about it. well it is cool to me. its just strings. i'll take a pic tomorrow.
so then we went home real quick to change our shoes and put on more clothing since it was so cold.

we went over to brick lane area to see if we could catch any of the markets there. we didn't have much luck. it was too late in the day. but i did find this cool art on the building. this is the building that i had my art show in in 4 years ago. pretty cool. so anyway this art is neat because the person painted the wall white first and then scratched out the brown parts. does that make sense?


and here is me with it
me with art

part of brick lane

we stopped at a thrift store or two. and i bought myself some green high top converse. i'm in love with them
my new shoe
i'm really happy i bought them. clarke just got some high tops. i hope he doesn't mind i have some too.

so after some shopping we got more food. seems like i only eat on my trips. and that might be just so. i love it

here is the giraffe edamamae (i know i spelled this wrong i dont feel like looking it up) sooooo good. i wish we could figure out the recipe
edammame from giraffe

and my chicken kiev
chicken kiev

so after dinner. we went to a pub close by to meet some of jamies friends. i stayed for a half a pint then i went back to jamies. i was getting tired from walking around all day. and i knew i had to come back and work on my blogs! haha

May 1, 2010, Saturday, Day Eleven Part Two

So after a long day of walking around camden markets. i went back to jamies. and did one of my most favorite things. i took a nap.

i woke up an hour later and showered to get ready for miriams party. miriam was celebrating her birthday on saturday at a bar called "the loop bar" and it was a 80's/70's theme kinda. it was called "groovy wonderland"

kinda worked out cuase my dress was kinda 80's i thought.

miriam and i
me and miriam

miriam rented this one big section in the club. and it had its own dancing floor
our private dance floor

here is jamie and i at the bar. jamie stayed for a drink. i was mostly chit chatting with miriam and her boyfriend steve througout the night
me and jamie

me miriam steve
at the loop bar

miriam's boyfriend was so kind and bought me this amazing drink! which i enjoyed. as you can see.
my cocktail from a watermelon!

me looking trippy
me at loop bar

mirrors at the club
loop bar

omg they had these hot girls dressed in these little outfits. here is video of that haha

still need to get the picture of rabea and i from the club. it was so nice to see rabea too and to meet her boyfriend. everyone is so nice! its so nice to see everyone after years of talking online! i really want to make more of a habit of visiting.

May 1, 2010, Saturday, Day Eleven Part One

so i slept so well at miriams house. something about being in a real house when you are on vacation. you rest up much better.

we went to camden markets around 11:30am. miriam and steve and i decided to split up because they needed to get to her sisters house pretty quickly. and they were on a mission. and my mission was to take my jolly ole time.

here is some of the market
camden market stables



I was able to meet up with tim very briefly before he had to leave for a rugby match. we just chit chatted and caught up.

here is tim by the camden canal

so after tim left. i went and got myself a crepe. i was getting hungry!
crepe at camden markets

and then i found a cupcake place. i bought one. for one pound. super tiny
mini cupcake


lots of cupcakes

and then i had some more food
market food

oh and check out these new seats they have at the markets to sit on. old vespas!
vespa seats

i bought myself this bag while i was at the markets i'm in love with it
another bag i bought