April 30, 2010, Thursday, Day Ten

So as you can imagine. I kinda had a hangover today. well not a real hangover. but just really didn't feel like getting out of bed for a long while. it was nice to sleep and sleep and sleep. and not have to worry about getting up to do freelance.

basically just organized my luggage a little bit. picked out some clothes to take to miriams. (tonight i'm gonna go spend the night at miriams place). had 2 crumpets and yogurt. and watched eastenders. i mean what can i say. i love it. no, i haven't gone to a single museum yet. and no i haven't seen a single historical building. but who cares! haha

me today
Photo 187

so after being lazy today. i went to meet miriam and steve at yo sushi. and yes this is my second time going. I LOVE IT.

video at yo sushi

steve at yo sushi

miriam at yo sushi

me and miriam
me and miriam

some of the things i ordered.
this is hairy prawn! was so so so so so good
hairy prawn

rocket rice
rocket rice

so after we ate. we went to esprit because steve needed to buy some shorts. miriam and steve are going to italy on vacation/holiday in 13 days or so. and it should be a little warm there.

so after that. we rushed over to primark! because miriam said they had some cheap luggage there. you see the bag i am borrowing from my dad... the zipper is breaking! so i really needed to buy a new bag because i don't see this one i'm using holding up. so dad. if you are listening. i might have to ditch your bag. how do you feel about that?

so here is a picture of the luggage i bought for 20 pounds.
my bags

and the smaller bag on the top is a purse i bought at primark for 6 pounds! love. it reminded me of a bag lillian has. i think?

so anyway after shopping. we went back to miriams house. which is in zone 4. i'm forgetting the tube stop name. miriam you can chime in. and we just watched a little bit of father of the bride 2 and chit chatted. and now i'm up in the spare room blogging to you all. i'm pretty sleepy!

we are waking up tomorrow and going to camden markets!

oh and one of miriam's kitties just came to play with me.

bella kitty

bella kitty

April 29, 2010, Thursday, Day Nine

So! for once i woke up at a decent hour. woke up at 10 am! did last minute work i had to do to finish up my project. then i rushed off to meet up with miriam and rabea for an early lunch.

rabea and miriam are sisters and they are german/iraqui. i feel so worldy know them. haha
rabea and miriam

we had a nice chat at a coffee place. laughing. gossiping. the usual! haha

then i walked down edgeware road to go shopping at primark which is on oxford st by marble arch
edgeware road

marble arch
marble arch

i didn't take any photos of primark. but OMG. love that place. it is sooooo cheap. and such great stuff. i bought alot of stuff. i had to literally sit on the ground a few times to go through my bag to make sure i didnt buy too much. the place is a mad house. i couldn't even try things on the line to try things on was like 30 people deep! i did end up trying on my things when i got home. and i am so excited because they look really cute on! soooo i might go back and buy some of the same things but in different colors!

wait i did take one photo. i wanted to show lillian. this is a purse
purse i saw at primark

oh i also bought anns baby some clothes. i'm excited to show her. i hope she likes them!

so after i went shopping i was starving (i didn't really eat lunch when i saw miriam) so i started to walk over to wagamamas. but stopped and looked at the selfridges windows displays first. they have like probably 20+ windows for selfridges and every window was in this cool neon color

selfridges window display
selfridges window display
selfridges window display

and look some robots! i think i bought this robot for clarke. or one very similar (you can see me in the window)
selfridges window display

so ya. went to wagamamas again. what can i say, i love it?

japanese style pickles! so good

and of course... chicken katsu curry ...again
i went to wagamama again

so ya. after that. i went back to jamies flat. i was exhuasted after shopping at primark. so i went home and showered. and after jamie got home. we went to the shops for some food. and i bought 2 strongbows. went back home. and i showed jamie all my primark finds. and had a strongbow on her balcony. i have a good photo to post but its stuck in the phone. so i will have to post that later.

sooo thennnn we went to jamies local pub. which i found out is called "the fullback" and apparently is an irish pub. apparently this area use to be a big irish part of town.

jamie and her flatmate sat
satindir "sat" and jamie

jamie and euan from scotland
euan and jamie

so after the pub (and 3 pints) we went back to jamies flat. and everyone was still awake. we sat around and drank some more. i had another strongbow and then another cider. so my total count was 6 drinks! wow! which isn't like me at all. i was pretty drunk. i had a great time though

jamies other flatmates. bree, sat, and jared
bree sat and jared

jamie making popcorn. she is the popcorn master. she made kettle corn earlier and this was butter popcorn
jamie makin popcorn

us hugging
jamie and i together

jamie in mahala's apron
jamie in mahala's apron

oh yes and this was the last cider of the evening for me. a balmers. i think?
me and a cider

so to end the night off right. i called clarke real quick. oh man its so fun to talk to him when i havne't talked to him in a few days. its so exciting! <3

April 28, 2010, Wednesday, Day Eight

Oh man. I worked all day today. It sucked.

BUT looks like it is done for the most part. Just need to send off my files tomorrow morning. Finger crossed.

So after i finished up work at 6pm!
I went to oxford circus because I really needed to buy a shirt to wear tomorrow. Well I didn't have any luck. I really didn't want to buy just anything. I wanted to buy something that was different enough. you know? to spend all that money on it and all.

Here is me on the way to oxford circus on the victoria line! (see me in the window)
me on the victoria line

me on the train

victoria line in motion

ok so when i go to oxford st. i went to dorothy perkins, boots, and river island. my goal is to buy myself a pair of skinny jeans. i tried on a pair at river island but i want to try on a few more at some other stores when i have some more time. so jeans are going to be my big treat to myself. they cost about 35 pounds. so like 60 bucks or so. i don't usually spend that much on jeans...

oh so it was exciting also cause i go to do the new walking intersection thingy on oxford st. and of course i took video! basically its like what they do in japan. and a certain point all the pedestrians can walk anywhere. you can cross diagonally...

so after i finished shopping. jamie came to meet me while i stopped to eat at one of my favorite places, yo sushi!

food just comes by and you pick it up if you want to eat it! each plate has a different color. which means different prices.

oh yum
cute little gnomes

jamie and the gnomes!
jamie dancin by the gnomes

so after walking around soho for a little while. i was like ohhhh i wanna go to the haagen dazs restaurant! jamie and i had gone a few years back with her sister anna and her brother scott. so i wanted to relive the moment, kinda.

i got the cookie something sundae. i can't remember what it was called. sooo good!
me at the haagen dazs restaurant

jamie got a mocha milkshake
jamie at the haagen dazs resteraunt

for a few minutes jamie and i felt like nothing else in the world was going wrong. no volcanoes to worry about. time stood still. haha

so where the haagen dazs place is located is right by the major movie premier area. i wanted to see what was showing because i want to go see a movie there. the movie theater is massive. so i might even have to go sit through this dumb tear jerker chick flickr to get my fix of the odeon theater.

jamie and i outside the odeon theatre. this is where they have like harry potter premiers. all premiers really.

oh and on our tube ride home. i saw this great logo. look closely at the logo.
look at the logo its great.

so when we got home. we pretty much chit chatted. i took a quick shower. and we watched an episode of sex and the city. its kinda been tradition to watch an episode of sex and the city before sleep!

i have to wake up early tomorrow because i am meeting miriam and rabs down by edgeware station for lunch! and after that i'm going to be good and start doing london stuff! to check stuff off my list! and go shopping haha!

byebye :)

April 27, 2010, Tuesday, Day Seven

Had a hard time going to sleep at a decent hour. BUT i did manage to get up earlier. so i'm working on it.

so last night i get an email from my cousin shannon on facebook. saying she was flying to london! she had some work meetings to go to! so she gave me her hotel details and i called her up today.

well first i did a little bit of freelance. and then my boss told me she needed me back by 7pm my time to finish up the project. looking forward to the project being done so i can do london better.

so did that. had a crumpet again and cereal this am.

so then i went to london bridge tube station to meet my cousin, Shannon. Shannon my cousin who lives in dc and is on my dad's side of the family.

shannon and i by a telephone booth
shannon and i

shannon by the telephone booth
shannon by a telephone booth

i had no idea what to show her. but she was hungry so i took her to giraffe! but right before we went to giraffe i swung by my school (AIU) to see merv! merv the security guard! and he was there! yea!!! merv was same ole merv. it was so fun to see him. i probably will go by again one or two times to bug him. haha. i wonder if he gets annoyed by that. oh well!

merv working
merv! working!

merv and i
me and merv

so went to giraffe. i got the edamame of course. whenever i would go to giraffe we always always got the edamame. and shannon loved it too. i gotta figure out a recipe for that! damn i forgot to take a pic of my food! i was so busy talking! and i got a chiken kiev. which was super yum. and shannon got the jambalaya meatballs i think

me at giraffe
me at giraffe

shannon at giraffe (and a stranger behind her)
shannon at giraffe

here is some video of us walking on oxford st

i had to rush home by 7pm to do more freelance. yea!!!!!!!!!! so thats what i'm doing now.

its kinda fun though cause i am doing yahoo chat with clarke right now. this is me right this sec. i felt like i needed to redeem myself cause i looked bad in all my photos today.
doing work

April 26, 2010, Monday, Day Six

Did some freelance. Showered. Had 2 crumpets with butter and strawberry jam and a yogurt with chocolate balls. i still need to take a picture of that. nothing beats chocolate balls.

so then i walked to jamies tube station (finsbury park)

This is what my walk looks like
walking to finsbury park station

finsbury park station

some scratching on the tube platform

took the tube over to oxford circus because i wanted to do some shopping. bought my sister a shirt. and then walked on over to liberty because it was so close by and lillian and i were dying to check it out!

here is a pic of oxford circus. this is jamies tube stop for work
oxford circus

liberty is over by a famous shopping section called "carnaby street"
carnaby street

so if you want to see all the pictures and videos of liberty go to this link. there are too many to post on the blog.

here is one picture though (look at all the cabs lined up)

liberty is the store that just released a big line in target. floral patterns. bedding, stationery, clothing, etc...well anyway. i wasn't sure what to expect. but basically liberty is basically like a harrods or a selfridges. a big department store with lots of different brands BUT they have fabrics and some products that are their own. i wanted to get my friends a cheap souvenir from there. but there was NOTHING that was cheap enough! it was very very high end. the cheapest thing i found was a silk handkerchief for 15 dollars. so that was disappointing!

and the other part that was so weird. they had an entire target section. everything that they were selling in target they were selling there too AND all the tags said liberty of london for target still! i dunno it was weird. and those poor people have to pay way marked up prices. like the bag i bought for 20 dollars. they were selling there for 25 pounds. which is like 50 dollars!

so then i went to muji. bought my mom a small present. and bought jacob a small present. and some for myself of course!

here is one of my fav shoe shops. its called office
one of my fav shoe shops

here are some converse sneakers that look kinda like what clarke's sister just got him. but these are low tops with a high top piece inside of it. neat clarke?
converse kinda like clarkes but not

and look at these super cute baby converse!
super cute baby converse

and here is the converse store

there are some great levis ads in the tube right now. i was trying to snap. its hard. when there are a zillion people around. i feel silly.
levis ads in tube

so after all my shopping. it was time to go meet miriam over by her work at edgware road station. we took the tube to wimbeldon because that is where her boyfriend, steve lives, and she stays out there alot. we had a great time chit chatting on the train. its so funny all the brits are so quite on the tube.

so once we get to wimbeldon we go over to one of my fav resteraunts wagamammas! miriams boyfriend has this thing that he has to go to wagamammas after his exams! so some of his friends were there too. here is video of my food and the group

here is my food. chicken katsu curry. yummmmmm
chicken katsu curry at wagamamas

everyone was very nice and i had a great time. after we ate dinner we went over to a pub for a drink and i got a great sweedish pear cider.
pear cider from sweden. super yum

miriam at the pub
miriam at pub

miriam and steve. steve was so nice! it was great to meet him. he was exactly what i was expecting really! super sweet! they are a cute couple! <3
miriam and steve <3

so after i had a pint with everyone. i took a 40 minute tube ride back to jamies. pretty much just watched tv tonight and hung out. jamie and i watched a little bit of sex and the city too.

oh and i was eating some yogurt when i got home. and i dumped it all over my pajamas. all on my shirt. and all on my pants. what a mess. i didn't get a picture of that. surprisingly.. since i seem to get everything else. dont i?

missing my honey