Family Vacation

I am beyond thrilled to go on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a break from work work work work... We will be going to our favorite family location, Bald Head Island, North Carolina. We used to have a time share down there and we would go four times a year if we weren't busy. So, next week I hope to have some photos for you!

On the island cars are not allowed and your only mode of transportation is the golf cart. And your feet. Actually back in the 80's the movie Weekend At Bernie's was filmed there. OK, not the entire thing but some of it was. Did Bernie die in real life at this point? Hummmm

I will be making the long long drive down to Wilmington, NC and catch the ferry in Southport, NC on Wednesday, August 8th. I haven't driven that far in a longtime! Fingers crossed.


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