New Apartment

Finally finally moved into a new apartment. It took forever to get here. But I finally did it! I'm located in Reston, Virginia. Those of you who may recall... I had sold like ALL of my belongings because I was suppose to move to London for the third time BUT I didn't go, did I? So I needed to get all new pretty things for my new place!

Here is a sneak peak of some of my things so far.

Here are my vintage corelle plates that I bought from vintage etsy seller iWunderVintage!
corelle plate

The fun story about the plates is...I was showing my friend Lillian about my new plates so I sent her a picture of them and she was like dude I have the same plates and sent me a picture of hers! I feel dumb because I have eaten off her plates before so I had seen them before! And then my friend Carol saw the plates on my facebook and she is like dude my mom has these plates. So that was pretty exciting!

Here are the matching cups and saucers I bought from etsy seller Gals Gone Vintage! I bought a set of 6 for $15 dollars!
tea cup

Here are 2 place mats that I bought. I have been getting mixed reviews on these from people. I really like them. I like that they look homely and handmade and look a bit ridiculous! I bought these from etsy seller Cereal Vintage Thrift! I bought these for $3 Bucks!
place mat

Some cute cutlery I got. Its called interpur jardinera and I bought it from vakar! This shop is really nice because she has kept an eye out for me for additional pieces of this stuff and I have already bought a few more for my collection!

Kitchen Utensils. I love love these! I bought these from One 4 the Sun!
kitchen utencils

Now I have had these cute cork boards for a few years but I found a place for them in the kitchen and I put up some pictures of Clarke and I on them. Take a look! These were made by the awesome Lillian of The Cupcake Girls! As you know, I am a cupcake girl too but I have taken a break for a whle and Lillian has been doing an awesome job keeping the shop open!
cork boards


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