Philly March 23, 2011

Clarke's good friend (Chris) came up from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Clarke bought us all tickets to the J Mascis show in Philly. J Mascis is the lead dude in Dinosaur Jr my friends.

Before the show we drove around Philly because Chris had never been there. We also stopped at the FDR Skatepark! It was really fun to go there. I had been there before but never really walked around in it. It was a really rainy day so no one was skateboarding, so that helped. Clarke and Chris are big skateboard dudes so it was cool to go with people that actually skate.

FDR Skatepark Philly

me taking a pic of clarke, taking a pic of chris
FDR Skatepark Philly

FDR Skatepark Philly

FDR Skate park Philly

We also went to the awesome restaurant El Vez! Great guacamole and awesome tacos for two!

Here are some pictures from the show.

Chris watching J!
J Mascis, World Cafe, Philly, March 23, 2011

"Listen to me, I can't wait to see you, I can't wait to be you, I can't wait"
J Mascis, World Cafe, Philly, March 23, 2011

Little story about afterward. So J came out to say hi and sign autographs. So I got all nervous and I was like F it.. I'll just go get my ticket signed. I didn't have a pen. Some guy was walking away with a pen and I asked him if I could borrow it real quick. He let me. Then I go up to J with the pen and try to hand it to him. Some dude tries to take it away from me so he can get his autograph first. And I'm like hey I'm using it. And then some other random dude goes... that isn't even your pen, stop being greedy! And I'm like well i just went and borrowed it shouldn't i be able to use it first. and he goes "true". So I get my autograph and then I say to the guy "don't call me greedy". and he says something dumb like "uh well you are". So anyway I was pretty bummed because it took away from getting the autograph from J. So I went over to Clarke to tell him what happened and I pointed at the guy who said it... so Clarke starts walking over to the guy like he was going to say something.. and you could see the guy got nervous. Anyway it was really funny and romantic that clarke was going over to defend my honor. haha. What a guy!

J Mascis, World Cafe, Philly, March 23, 2011

Oh and then I got a $51 dollar parking ticket! lalala!


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