May 1, 2010, Saturday, Day Eleven Part Two

So after a long day of walking around camden markets. i went back to jamies. and did one of my most favorite things. i took a nap.

i woke up an hour later and showered to get ready for miriams party. miriam was celebrating her birthday on saturday at a bar called "the loop bar" and it was a 80's/70's theme kinda. it was called "groovy wonderland"

kinda worked out cuase my dress was kinda 80's i thought.

miriam and i
me and miriam

miriam rented this one big section in the club. and it had its own dancing floor
our private dance floor

here is jamie and i at the bar. jamie stayed for a drink. i was mostly chit chatting with miriam and her boyfriend steve througout the night
me and jamie

me miriam steve
at the loop bar

miriam's boyfriend was so kind and bought me this amazing drink! which i enjoyed. as you can see.
my cocktail from a watermelon!

me looking trippy
me at loop bar

mirrors at the club
loop bar

omg they had these hot girls dressed in these little outfits. here is video of that haha

still need to get the picture of rabea and i from the club. it was so nice to see rabea too and to meet her boyfriend. everyone is so nice! its so nice to see everyone after years of talking online! i really want to make more of a habit of visiting.


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