May 2, 2010, Sunday, Day Twelve

well well well

Today it rained ALOT. it was pouring in the morning. yuk. and its freezing. like 50 degrees or something.

here is me in my rain coat of sorts and my new bag!
me with my new bag!

jamie and i decided to go back to camden to get something to eat and look at the markets a little bit more.

but before we left! we had a little chat with cyber mahala!

here is cyber mahala!
cyber mahala

here is cyber mahala talking! oh did i mention she is in the Philippines!

ok so jamie and i stopped at this great organic restaurant in camden. look at my yummy food
my yum food in camden

here are some donuts i got. yum

here is me with the donuts. some stupid boy that was passing by tried to get in my photo
dream donuts

i got a really cool bracelet. i'm so excited about it. well it is cool to me. its just strings. i'll take a pic tomorrow.
so then we went home real quick to change our shoes and put on more clothing since it was so cold.

we went over to brick lane area to see if we could catch any of the markets there. we didn't have much luck. it was too late in the day. but i did find this cool art on the building. this is the building that i had my art show in in 4 years ago. pretty cool. so anyway this art is neat because the person painted the wall white first and then scratched out the brown parts. does that make sense?


and here is me with it
me with art

part of brick lane

we stopped at a thrift store or two. and i bought myself some green high top converse. i'm in love with them
my new shoe
i'm really happy i bought them. clarke just got some high tops. i hope he doesn't mind i have some too.

so after some shopping we got more food. seems like i only eat on my trips. and that might be just so. i love it

here is the giraffe edamamae (i know i spelled this wrong i dont feel like looking it up) sooooo good. i wish we could figure out the recipe
edammame from giraffe

and my chicken kiev
chicken kiev

so after dinner. we went to a pub close by to meet some of jamies friends. i stayed for a half a pint then i went back to jamies. i was getting tired from walking around all day. and i knew i had to come back and work on my blogs! haha


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