May 3, 2010, Monday, Day Thirteen

so jamie had monday off cause it was a bank holiday as they call it.
and she made me crepes in the morning. yum!

and then we were off to the east end of london. tried to go to the whitechapel art gallery. BUT it was closed on Mondays. Duhhh! so then we were walking around trying to find a bus to take.

and i saw this cute little drawling
street painting

so this is the bracelet i got the other day at camden. i love ittttt

so we took a bus over tate modern. but i saw the london bridge so i made jamie take a picture of me. its kinda funny cause i kept taking bad pics...



me outside of Shakespeare globe theatre

walking over to the tate

that damn walking bridge

me outside of the tate modern. i love the tate modern

i went and saw the van dusburgh exhibit. however you spell that. he is of the de stijl movement. lalala

here is some inside of the tate

this is my yummy egg salad sandwich and fries with brown sauce i got at the tate cafe

so later that evening. jamie put on a little dinner party. she made some yummy food. and bought lots of nice cheeses. this is the tart she made. it had spinach and feta in it. i think

and look who stopped by! saree! how nice! i hadn't seen her in 4 years it was really fun. she is a funny girl and she likes to talk about gross stuff like me.

and look.. how cute. she still has my pin i have her 4 years ago on her bag! she told me to draw an elephant and i did. for my one project. and then i made her a pin.

here is jamie. and her friends christine and jaou. i know i'm spelling that wrong. that was fun because when they meet you they give you kisses on both cheeks. he is from portugal and i can't recall where she is from


  1. Thank god you posted this update. I've been following you. In case
    you're curious, I'm watching hockey. Penguins and canadiens to be exact.
    Go Canadiens!

  2. ohh i want that bracelet! go get me one before the plane ride hehe