May 1, 2010, Saturday, Day Eleven Part One

so i slept so well at miriams house. something about being in a real house when you are on vacation. you rest up much better.

we went to camden markets around 11:30am. miriam and steve and i decided to split up because they needed to get to her sisters house pretty quickly. and they were on a mission. and my mission was to take my jolly ole time.

here is some of the market
camden market stables



I was able to meet up with tim very briefly before he had to leave for a rugby match. we just chit chatted and caught up.

here is tim by the camden canal

so after tim left. i went and got myself a crepe. i was getting hungry!
crepe at camden markets

and then i found a cupcake place. i bought one. for one pound. super tiny
mini cupcake


lots of cupcakes

and then i had some more food
market food

oh and check out these new seats they have at the markets to sit on. old vespas!
vespa seats

i bought myself this bag while i was at the markets i'm in love with it
another bag i bought


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