June 5, 2010 Saturday Brooklyn Renegade! Part ONE

So we left Lillians condo around 10:00AM. Lillian drove down to Brooklyn!

On a bridge!

She had a pretty easy time finding parking since we got there right when the craft show was starting!

We parked by this cool street art!
brooklyn wall art 1
brooklyn wall art 4
brooklyn wall art 5
brooklyn wall art 3
and some trash floatin in the wind
trash art

For those of you who don't know. Lillian, Ann, and I participated in the Brooklyn Renegade two years ago. We had a good time. It was alot of work. And super super hot. One day we will apply again...

So here is me by the Renegade table!
me at renegade!

lookin is fun ya'll
lookin is fun

some musica

oh and there was this really cool punk like marching band. They are called the What Cheer? Brigade
(sorry this video isn't that great. I'm not perfect)

We stopped and had pizza at a place right across from the Mclaren Park. Twas so good. Too bad I didn't take a photo.
We had a great time. But we are so ready to go home after. It was so hot! It was hard for me to concentrate on looking at things towards the end! Next post. Photos of all the stuff I bought!


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