June 5, 2010 Saturday Brooklyn Renegade Part TWO

Its going to be hard to remember who i got all of my things by. I'll have to update that later as I look it up.

Here is the stuff I got!
my loot
Brooklyn Tshirt
brooklyn tshirt
Baby Onsie with silkscreened print
2 chapsticks from etsy and 3 pins
etsy freebies
cassette tape and outlet and diamond stickers
2 lotions from bunny butt
creams from bunny butt
2 soaps from metropolis soaps of brooklyn
metropolis soap
2 floral fabric pocket mirrors
fabric mirror
orange notecard
etsy letterpress card
free etsy card

so yes after we got home. i took those photos! and then showered. and then we ordered some food. AND we relaxed by painting by number! my new hobby!
in progress
paint by number in progress
all done!
paint by number fun!

so we just relaxed and waited for clarke to come home. clarke got home from his skateboarding stuff and we listened to his adventures. then we went to bed!


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