June 3, 2010 Thursday and June 4, 2010 Friday


June 3rd was the first game of the Calder Cup at Hershey! We lost! haha! It wasn't fun to loose but we can't complain since we don't normally see them loose.

Before the game we went to the Hershey Lodge and went to the "Bears Den" which is a Hershey Bears themed bar. We just wanted to see what it was like. It was cute but pretty slow.

This was a poster we saw that. Baltimore Orioles Hockey team??? Woah!
baltimore orioles hockey???

So my latest trip!
Clarke and I went up to New Jersey/NYC for the weekend.

Friday the 4th we stopped in some town in Jersey to hang out with his friend Scott. First we went to Newark to go to a bar called Hell's Kitchen. It was pretty lame in there so we left and went to a VFW. (For those of you who don't know a VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign War) Basically its a bar hangout place for Veterans. Now that was alot of fun! I got a rum and coke and 3 glasses of wine and i was pretty drunk. It was great! At the VFW they also have these like lottery cards kinda. So i bought 20 dollars worth and won 2 dollars. haha. The regulars were making 300, 200 bucks though. When they would win big they would buy everyone a round of drinks! So Scott, Clarke, and I all got about 2 free drinks a piece. Anyway it was fun.

After that we went to White Castle! Then we went to Lillians! We just stayed up late chit chatting! Twas fun. We had to get up somewhat early for the next days events! Clarke was going to a skateboarding competition with Scott and I was going to Brooklyn Renegade with Lillian!


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