April 30, 2010, Thursday, Day Ten

So as you can imagine. I kinda had a hangover today. well not a real hangover. but just really didn't feel like getting out of bed for a long while. it was nice to sleep and sleep and sleep. and not have to worry about getting up to do freelance.

basically just organized my luggage a little bit. picked out some clothes to take to miriams. (tonight i'm gonna go spend the night at miriams place). had 2 crumpets and yogurt. and watched eastenders. i mean what can i say. i love it. no, i haven't gone to a single museum yet. and no i haven't seen a single historical building. but who cares! haha

me today
Photo 187

so after being lazy today. i went to meet miriam and steve at yo sushi. and yes this is my second time going. I LOVE IT.

video at yo sushi

steve at yo sushi

miriam at yo sushi

me and miriam
me and miriam

some of the things i ordered.
this is hairy prawn! was so so so so so good
hairy prawn

rocket rice
rocket rice

so after we ate. we went to esprit because steve needed to buy some shorts. miriam and steve are going to italy on vacation/holiday in 13 days or so. and it should be a little warm there.

so after that. we rushed over to primark! because miriam said they had some cheap luggage there. you see the bag i am borrowing from my dad... the zipper is breaking! so i really needed to buy a new bag because i don't see this one i'm using holding up. so dad. if you are listening. i might have to ditch your bag. how do you feel about that?

so here is a picture of the luggage i bought for 20 pounds.
my bags

and the smaller bag on the top is a purse i bought at primark for 6 pounds! love. it reminded me of a bag lillian has. i think?

so anyway after shopping. we went back to miriams house. which is in zone 4. i'm forgetting the tube stop name. miriam you can chime in. and we just watched a little bit of father of the bride 2 and chit chatted. and now i'm up in the spare room blogging to you all. i'm pretty sleepy!

we are waking up tomorrow and going to camden markets!

oh and one of miriam's kitties just came to play with me.

bella kitty

bella kitty


  1. I love cats and your new bag. I hope you bought 2! Wink wink!