Decadent Desserts

Here are some gorgeous and YUMMY desserts I have taken pictures of over the past few months.  OH MY OH MY

Franklin Fountain -Philadelphia, PA
Clarke got the Mt. Vesuvius and I got the The Franklin Mint. They both were incredible in person. After tasting both we agreed the Mt. Vesuvius was the yummiest BUT the detail on that Franklin Mint is amazing, isn't it? Clarke likes to watch many of the restaurant shows on TV and always has great places for us to try out when we travel around.  Menu NOTE: You really only need to order one sundae for two people but we didn't want to try just one!
Ice creams

Random Pub - London, England
Sticky Toffee Pudding Oh man, oh man, right? If you ever do travel to England, you know they all say make sure you get a pint? or fish and chips? Well what they should be saying is get a sticky toffee pudding. (Note: Pudding means dessert over there)
Sticky toffee pudding

9:30 Club - Washington, DC
The 9:30 club cupcake is amazing but apparently its the people over at the Buzz Bakery that actually makes the treat.

The Melrose Hotel, Washington DC
My company is very kind and lets me stay in a hotel once in awhile when I am working in DC. The room service lava cake. SO GOOD. Not the best photo or the best looking but trust me in person it is perfection.


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