New York June 2011 Part One

A long long long time ago I went to NYC to meet up with my old AIU London friends. It was a long overdue reunion. It was amazing and it only took a few minutes until it really felt like old times.

Robyn Joy and myself drove up together from the DC area and we were having a foursquare war the entire time. Even when we were not together we were checking in all over town trying to beat each others scores.

This trip was over a year ago so bare with me the details are hazey.

My very good friend and old London roomie, Kal, stayed at the New York Loft Hostel. What can we say? We are poor! No fancy hotels for us. Whatever.
UntitledThis place was nice though! I don't have any complaints. I guess the only one would be sharing a room with 12 other people. haha. Listen I wasn't murdered and that means it was successful!

After we checked in we made our way over to a bar called Union Pool. It was a cool hipster place. LISTEN TO ME---go there for the mexican food truck in the back! OMG! Amazing. The corn! OMG! Don't share one! Get one for yourself! SO GOOD!
UntitledI still dream about this corny

UntitledI mean come on...this is life!

Oh and here is a picture of the truck itself. God bless you mexican food truck! El Diablo Tacos

Cool wall at the bar in the back.

Also, side note, holy hell there are alot of hipsters in brooklyn/williamsburg. Maybe too many?

More to come


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