London March 2012 Part Three

Oh, how I miss my little Jamieyk. We didn't not get to spend nearly enough time together. This was at a pub across the street from a gig Clarke and I went to go see. It was a brief encounter but lots of fun.

We planned on seeing each other a few days later and it all went wrong. Traveling without cell service in another country...sometimes goes wrong. So there I was in Liverpool Street station boo hooing on a pay phone while throwing coin after coin in the machine. Boo Hoo.
After we hung out with Jamie we went to a show over at the venue called The Venue 229. I was a little worried the club wouldn't be very cool because it was in central London in a "posh" area kinda. BUT we loved it!

The Filthy Nights I can't remember how they sound. But I remember thinking they were pretty awesome.


Dear Thief This band was cool too. The music was good but the performance factor and mood of the band was really cool. They wore all black and had the vintage rock look. I do see this band becoming "famous." We will see. I wanted to get this in writing so I can say ....seeeeee remember when I said....haha

The Duel This girl was pretty freaking awesome. It wasn't music I typically like but being in London and her cool punk tude...we couldn't ask for more!

Last but not least. The headliner was Vic Godard & The Subway Sect
What is cool about this kids... The drummer for the evening was an actual SEX PISTOL. I mean HELLO!!!! I saw a SEX PISTOL. More specifically Paul Cook. Here he is...very handsome.
Sex pistol

Paul Cook in his younger days.
Paul cook


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