London March 2012 Part One

I never got a chance to blog about about our trip to London this year! We were beyond thrilled to be invited to a very special couples wedding. We had a hard time saving for it but we managed and still have the credit card debt to prove it. BUT I think Clarke would agree, we wouldn't change a thing. We had a fantastic time. Clarke has been to London before but when he was much younger so it was a big "dream" of mine to take him over and show him all the stuff I knew about.

I think I will share first the major touristy attraction photos.

Us by Piccadilly Circus

Us by Big Ben

Me by the London Eye

Us by the Tate Modern

Please excuse all my silly faces. For one I normally make weird faces but for second(?) I had some gum surgery prior to the trip and my smile was altered temporarily.

Skate Park: I think this is considered the South Bank spot.

I wish I could say what day all of these things happened because I'd like to document it better but the days are a blur for me. I will do some more research when I start to scrapbook the trip.

Tube wait

Also, it was really fun for us whenever we managed to pick up free wireless service to "check in" on foursquare! I was hoping and hoping I would unlock some kind of London specific badge but I don't think I got one. :(


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