London March 2012 Part Four

One thing I never did in London but always wanted to do was go on a Jack the Ripper walk. I know super cheesy to all my British friends BUT if you are a tourist SO interesting and creepy and fun.

This was our tour guide. Her name was Molly and she was fantastic. Clarke and I can't wait to go back to London and do even more walking tours.
We used this company, London Walks.

At the end of the walk they recommend you go to one of the actual pubs that the prostitutes used to hang out at to pick up clients! You don't have to tell us twice! Ten Bells Pub

This is a picture Clarke took of me in the toilets. If you notice, to the right, there are the sinks. There were separate mens rooms and ladies rooms but the sinks were out for everyone to use. Kinda neat. How nice to share washing hand time with your loved one? It brought us closer even.
Bells pub


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