April 21, 2010, Wednesday, Day One

Woke up around 11am in PA. Did some last minute packing as well as getting some of my work stuff ready. You see I am finishing up my freelance project while in England! Multi tasking!

Clarke and I then went to target. I needed to buy a camera! Clarke said to me "You know you want the hello kitty camera and you won't be happy unless you get it." And he was right! I wouldn't have been happy without it! haha! So I bought it!

hello kitty camera!

Then we drove down to Regan International and stopped for McDonalads beforehand. Its the only right way to say goodbye to America, you know?

So Clarke drops me off. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I go in and get my ticket and blah blah go through security blah blah. I had a few pics of Clarke driving me to the airport but in my quest to figure out my camera I deleted the entire sd card. Woops!

Here is a picture of all my cute stuff that I had in my carry on!

in my bag for my travels

Here is a picture of me trying to figure out my camera
figuring out the camera!

So then I am on the plane from DC to philly. And of course there was a delay. So we sat in the plane for 45 minutes. So i texted Ann, Lillian, Clarke, and Lindsay.

Here is a picture of me trying to figure out my camera while on the plane
me on the plane

The guy i sat next to on the dc flight was so annoying. Saying things like oh man I'm going to miss my connection. hahaha. It was annoying.

So anyway that flight was fine.

Then I'm in philly and I only have to wait like an 1.5 hours before i get on england flight. And when I did get on the plane all the tvs had these african tribes dancing around to relaxing feng shui type music. I thought that was weird

So here is a picture of that
flight to england from philly

I didn't sleep a wink! ok maybe 15 minutes. But that doesn't count!


  1. its u cupcake grrL stalker! yay! courtney in england!