April 25, 2010, Sunday, Day Five


Didn't get up to too much today. I am still very jet lagged. I am having a really hard time switching over. Its rough!

Last night I watched this show called Snog, Marry, Avoid? Its great! I love it. Basically they find ridiculous tarty girls on the streets and then give them a make under. I did a little video of it.

This morning Jamie woke me up for breakfast. She was making eggs, beans, veggie sausage, and toast. BUT i have such a light stomach in the morning I couldn't eat all of that. So I just had some cereal.

Jamie's friend Jun (pronounced June) came over for breakfast too and after we finished chatting we went and watched a documentary on bbc on demand about autism. I took that chance to fall asleep. I'm sneaky. So while I fell asleep Jamie went off to the store for some groceries and I napped for an hour or so.

So when I woke up I then rushed off to the store for groceries because it closed at 5 and it was 4.

I love going to the Brit grocery stores. I just love to pretend like i live there and eat all the things they eat. things like that. i bought my dad some lemon curd and i bought ann some baby food.

So after that I went back home and I snacked on some humus and carrots and babybell cheese.

So then after an hour or so. Jamie, her roomie Jared, and I went to her local pub for dinner. I got chicken pad thai and shrimp toast. Yum! And i had two pints of cider. Did i mention before the strongbow tastes so much better! ah!!

Outside of Jamies local pub. I forget the name of it.
jamies local pub

Video of outside of the pub.

Video of the inside of the pub. (fyi the pub is much more elaborate than just this one room, working on getting better pics)

here is my thai food

i played a few songs on the juke box. i picked a pixies song and an ash song.

so when we went home. we watched a show called gross bodies. i think? show about people who have like skin conditions. or just anything gross that happens with bodies. i did take a video of that. but i decided to spare you all...

jamie watching tv
jamie watching tv

me watching tv
watching tv

tomorrow i'll be doing freelance work and i think i'm meeting up with miriam. i need to make a list of things to do!


  1. I miss you guys so much it hurts my uterus. No wait, that's just my period. (just trying to gross you out) But I really do miss you.

  2. my uterus hurts for you too, haha you are sick! love it