April 27, 2010, Tuesday, Day Seven

Had a hard time going to sleep at a decent hour. BUT i did manage to get up earlier. so i'm working on it.

so last night i get an email from my cousin shannon on facebook. saying she was flying to london! she had some work meetings to go to! so she gave me her hotel details and i called her up today.

well first i did a little bit of freelance. and then my boss told me she needed me back by 7pm my time to finish up the project. looking forward to the project being done so i can do london better.

so did that. had a crumpet again and cereal this am.

so then i went to london bridge tube station to meet my cousin, Shannon. Shannon my cousin who lives in dc and is on my dad's side of the family.

shannon and i by a telephone booth
shannon and i

shannon by the telephone booth
shannon by a telephone booth

i had no idea what to show her. but she was hungry so i took her to giraffe! but right before we went to giraffe i swung by my school (AIU) to see merv! merv the security guard! and he was there! yea!!! merv was same ole merv. it was so fun to see him. i probably will go by again one or two times to bug him. haha. i wonder if he gets annoyed by that. oh well!

merv working
merv! working!

merv and i
me and merv

so went to giraffe. i got the edamame of course. whenever i would go to giraffe we always always got the edamame. and shannon loved it too. i gotta figure out a recipe for that! damn i forgot to take a pic of my food! i was so busy talking! and i got a chiken kiev. which was super yum. and shannon got the jambalaya meatballs i think

me at giraffe
me at giraffe

shannon at giraffe (and a stranger behind her)
shannon at giraffe

here is some video of us walking on oxford st

i had to rush home by 7pm to do more freelance. yea!!!!!!!!!! so thats what i'm doing now.

its kinda fun though cause i am doing yahoo chat with clarke right now. this is me right this sec. i felt like i needed to redeem myself cause i looked bad in all my photos today.
doing work


  1. that's so cool that she was there when you were!saweet.if you see her again give her a hug and a hello from me!

  2. Great to see you in London, Court. Although I am not so keen on these photos of myself . . . perhaps your camera is designed to only take cute shots of yourself? Are you home yet?

    This is Shannon by the way . . .