April 29, 2010, Thursday, Day Nine

So! for once i woke up at a decent hour. woke up at 10 am! did last minute work i had to do to finish up my project. then i rushed off to meet up with miriam and rabea for an early lunch.

rabea and miriam are sisters and they are german/iraqui. i feel so worldy know them. haha
rabea and miriam

we had a nice chat at a coffee place. laughing. gossiping. the usual! haha

then i walked down edgeware road to go shopping at primark which is on oxford st by marble arch
edgeware road

marble arch
marble arch

i didn't take any photos of primark. but OMG. love that place. it is sooooo cheap. and such great stuff. i bought alot of stuff. i had to literally sit on the ground a few times to go through my bag to make sure i didnt buy too much. the place is a mad house. i couldn't even try things on the line to try things on was like 30 people deep! i did end up trying on my things when i got home. and i am so excited because they look really cute on! soooo i might go back and buy some of the same things but in different colors!

wait i did take one photo. i wanted to show lillian. this is a purse
purse i saw at primark

oh i also bought anns baby some clothes. i'm excited to show her. i hope she likes them!

so after i went shopping i was starving (i didn't really eat lunch when i saw miriam) so i started to walk over to wagamamas. but stopped and looked at the selfridges windows displays first. they have like probably 20+ windows for selfridges and every window was in this cool neon color

selfridges window display
selfridges window display
selfridges window display

and look some robots! i think i bought this robot for clarke. or one very similar (you can see me in the window)
selfridges window display

so ya. went to wagamamas again. what can i say, i love it?

japanese style pickles! so good

and of course... chicken katsu curry ...again
i went to wagamama again

so ya. after that. i went back to jamies flat. i was exhuasted after shopping at primark. so i went home and showered. and after jamie got home. we went to the shops for some food. and i bought 2 strongbows. went back home. and i showed jamie all my primark finds. and had a strongbow on her balcony. i have a good photo to post but its stuck in the phone. so i will have to post that later.

sooo thennnn we went to jamies local pub. which i found out is called "the fullback" and apparently is an irish pub. apparently this area use to be a big irish part of town.

jamie and her flatmate sat
satindir "sat" and jamie

jamie and euan from scotland
euan and jamie

so after the pub (and 3 pints) we went back to jamies flat. and everyone was still awake. we sat around and drank some more. i had another strongbow and then another cider. so my total count was 6 drinks! wow! which isn't like me at all. i was pretty drunk. i had a great time though

jamies other flatmates. bree, sat, and jared
bree sat and jared

jamie making popcorn. she is the popcorn master. she made kettle corn earlier and this was butter popcorn
jamie makin popcorn

us hugging
jamie and i together

jamie in mahala's apron
jamie in mahala's apron

oh yes and this was the last cider of the evening for me. a balmers. i think?
me and a cider

so to end the night off right. i called clarke real quick. oh man its so fun to talk to him when i havne't talked to him in a few days. its so exciting! <3


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