April 22, 2010, Thursday, Day Two

So. I have now arrived.
While at customs. Well they thought I wanted to sneak back in to the country. I have never been asked so many questions at customs! Who are you visiting? ummmm my friend Jamie. What are you going to do? ummm Hang out How long have you been friends with her? ummm I guess 4 years or so Why are you friends? ummmm because I went to school with her and we both are into extreme sports Do you have a job? ummm yes Do you want to work while you are here? ummmm no i don't want to work Why do you have a fiance visa? ummm because I was going to get married. How come you didn't use it? uhhh cause I decided not to get married Do you have your ticket for when you are suppose to leave? uhhh no. i get my ticket when i come back on the 5th for my flight home. Do you have your return ticket information? uhhh here you go

Ok so you get the point. I can't remember what else they asked. I started getting red in the face because i felt like a criminal. i even started questioning my own motives! haha. Like oh man... What are my REAL intentions!?

So anyways. I get through. I then go on the Heathrow express. It was £18 and i was like whatever. I don't feel like going on the tube. I probably would have barfed.

Here is a pic of me on the train
on heathrow express

Here is a video of my train ride

So I arrive at Paddington

I made sure to take a few pics of Paddington because Clarke always jokes oh so what are you going to do at Paddington. He teases me and pretends like he knows everything about London. And usually only brings up Paddington and "toodle pip"


paddington underground aboveground

So I take the tube over to Jamies office at oxford circus. I should have taken a picture of that but I forgot. When I got there she gave me her spare phone. So I texted some people to let them know I was alive. Then I waited for Jamie at a Starbucks for 30 mins until it was her lunch time.

So I bought some humus and water at starbucks while i waited

Then Jamie treated me to lunch at Pontis. Which is like an Italian chain restaurant that is good. I got a pizza.

Jamie handed me her keys to her flat and then I was off. Got back on the tube on the Victoria line to her stop at Finsbury park. I was pretty easy. She gave me real good walking directions after i got off the tube. So when I got to her place I slept for about 3 hours until Jamie came home.

Oh and here is a cool wig shop I passed while walking to her house!
wig centre by jamies house

Pretty much as soon as she got home we went to her "local." When people refer to their "local" it means their local pub. So we went to her "local" for Thai food and I got a pint of strongbow of course! I'm telling you the strongbow is so much better here. It tastes much lighter!

This is a pic of Jamie before we left for the pub. This is the front door to her flat! Love the green!
Jamie at her front door

Jamies pub has this huge beer garden in the back. It was awesome. I'm going to try to take better pics next time we go.
jamies local pub's beer garden

jamies local pub

We played a song on the juke box. I put on Breeders "Cannonball" because cause Clarke loves the breeders. And I am a sap!

Jamie at the juke box
juke box at pub

I had jamie take me to the Sainsburys (grocery store) so I could buy some snacks while I worked. I got some of my yogurts with chocolate balls! Its called a crunch muller. I'll take a pic of one sometime.

At the yogurt section of Sainburys
late night run to sainsburys

I also bought a bunch of super cheap shampoo and facewash from Sainsburys brand. Ann and I like to use the store brand english stuff. Because we are weird. so i bought some for her and i.

So we went home. Then Jamie did some dishes.
jamie doing dishes

Then we sat around a little bit then went to bed! I was so sleepy!


  1. yo courtnee yo! give me a call sometime and we can go for beers and stuff... my numbers 07767 436 607.

    hope to hear from you soon!


    ps it's tim

  2. Doesn't yogurt have to be in the fridge? Hmm?