April 26, 2010, Monday, Day Six

Did some freelance. Showered. Had 2 crumpets with butter and strawberry jam and a yogurt with chocolate balls. i still need to take a picture of that. nothing beats chocolate balls.

so then i walked to jamies tube station (finsbury park)

This is what my walk looks like
walking to finsbury park station

finsbury park station

some scratching on the tube platform

took the tube over to oxford circus because i wanted to do some shopping. bought my sister a shirt. and then walked on over to liberty because it was so close by and lillian and i were dying to check it out!

here is a pic of oxford circus. this is jamies tube stop for work
oxford circus

liberty is over by a famous shopping section called "carnaby street"
carnaby street

so if you want to see all the pictures and videos of liberty go to this link. there are too many to post on the blog.

here is one picture though (look at all the cabs lined up)

liberty is the store that just released a big line in target. floral patterns. bedding, stationery, clothing, etc...well anyway. i wasn't sure what to expect. but basically liberty is basically like a harrods or a selfridges. a big department store with lots of different brands BUT they have fabrics and some products that are their own. i wanted to get my friends a cheap souvenir from there. but there was NOTHING that was cheap enough! it was very very high end. the cheapest thing i found was a silk handkerchief for 15 dollars. so that was disappointing!

and the other part that was so weird. they had an entire target section. everything that they were selling in target they were selling there too AND all the tags said liberty of london for target still! i dunno it was weird. and those poor people have to pay way marked up prices. like the bag i bought for 20 dollars. they were selling there for 25 pounds. which is like 50 dollars!

so then i went to muji. bought my mom a small present. and bought jacob a small present. and some for myself of course!

here is one of my fav shoe shops. its called office
one of my fav shoe shops

here are some converse sneakers that look kinda like what clarke's sister just got him. but these are low tops with a high top piece inside of it. neat clarke?
converse kinda like clarkes but not

and look at these super cute baby converse!
super cute baby converse

and here is the converse store

there are some great levis ads in the tube right now. i was trying to snap. its hard. when there are a zillion people around. i feel silly.
levis ads in tube

so after all my shopping. it was time to go meet miriam over by her work at edgware road station. we took the tube to wimbeldon because that is where her boyfriend, steve lives, and she stays out there alot. we had a great time chit chatting on the train. its so funny all the brits are so quite on the tube.

so once we get to wimbeldon we go over to one of my fav resteraunts wagamammas! miriams boyfriend has this thing that he has to go to wagamammas after his exams! so some of his friends were there too. here is video of my food and the group

here is my food. chicken katsu curry. yummmmmm
chicken katsu curry at wagamamas

everyone was very nice and i had a great time. after we ate dinner we went over to a pub for a drink and i got a great sweedish pear cider.
pear cider from sweden. super yum

miriam at the pub
miriam at pub

miriam and steve. steve was so nice! it was great to meet him. he was exactly what i was expecting really! super sweet! they are a cute couple! <3
miriam and steve <3

so after i had a pint with everyone. i took a 40 minute tube ride back to jamies. pretty much just watched tv tonight and hung out. jamie and i watched a little bit of sex and the city too.

oh and i was eating some yogurt when i got home. and i dumped it all over my pajamas. all on my shirt. and all on my pants. what a mess. i didn't get a picture of that. surprisingly.. since i seem to get everything else. dont i?

missing my honey


  1. Hey so I missed the part where you bought me a present. Haha
    just kidding. Kisses, ann

  2. oh hey she got me on tho ann! hehe

  3. ann. if you read the entries before you would have noticed that two different times i bought you a present. omg

  4. chicken katsu curry!!!!! oh i'm sooooo jealous!!!