April 28, 2010, Wednesday, Day Eight

Oh man. I worked all day today. It sucked.

BUT looks like it is done for the most part. Just need to send off my files tomorrow morning. Finger crossed.

So after i finished up work at 6pm!
I went to oxford circus because I really needed to buy a shirt to wear tomorrow. Well I didn't have any luck. I really didn't want to buy just anything. I wanted to buy something that was different enough. you know? to spend all that money on it and all.

Here is me on the way to oxford circus on the victoria line! (see me in the window)
me on the victoria line

me on the train

victoria line in motion

ok so when i go to oxford st. i went to dorothy perkins, boots, and river island. my goal is to buy myself a pair of skinny jeans. i tried on a pair at river island but i want to try on a few more at some other stores when i have some more time. so jeans are going to be my big treat to myself. they cost about 35 pounds. so like 60 bucks or so. i don't usually spend that much on jeans...

oh so it was exciting also cause i go to do the new walking intersection thingy on oxford st. and of course i took video! basically its like what they do in japan. and a certain point all the pedestrians can walk anywhere. you can cross diagonally...

so after i finished shopping. jamie came to meet me while i stopped to eat at one of my favorite places, yo sushi!

food just comes by and you pick it up if you want to eat it! each plate has a different color. which means different prices.

oh yum
cute little gnomes

jamie and the gnomes!
jamie dancin by the gnomes

so after walking around soho for a little while. i was like ohhhh i wanna go to the haagen dazs restaurant! jamie and i had gone a few years back with her sister anna and her brother scott. so i wanted to relive the moment, kinda.

i got the cookie something sundae. i can't remember what it was called. sooo good!
me at the haagen dazs restaurant

jamie got a mocha milkshake
jamie at the haagen dazs resteraunt

for a few minutes jamie and i felt like nothing else in the world was going wrong. no volcanoes to worry about. time stood still. haha

so where the haagen dazs place is located is right by the major movie premier area. i wanted to see what was showing because i want to go see a movie there. the movie theater is massive. so i might even have to go sit through this dumb tear jerker chick flickr to get my fix of the odeon theater.

jamie and i outside the odeon theatre. this is where they have like harry potter premiers. all premiers really.

oh and on our tube ride home. i saw this great logo. look closely at the logo.
look at the logo its great.

so when we got home. we pretty much chit chatted. i took a quick shower. and we watched an episode of sex and the city. its kinda been tradition to watch an episode of sex and the city before sleep!

i have to wake up early tomorrow because i am meeting miriam and rabs down by edgeware station for lunch! and after that i'm going to be good and start doing london stuff! to check stuff off my list! and go shopping haha!

byebye :)


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